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Next From the Bush Crime Family

•, By Roger Stone

In fact, there seems to be an inheritance of elitism and criminality in the "SON OF JEB."  That could be the title of a horror movie, and it would be better if it were.  Alas, the truth is always darker, especially when digging around the Bush family.

I mean, of course, George P. Bush.  The "P" stands for Prescott. Yes, George P. is named after his grandfather Senator Prescott Bush who made the family fortune financing the Nazi war machine and who's Union Bank was seized by the Roosevelt Administration for treasonous activity in 1942. I laid this in my new book Jeb and the Bush Crime Family.

I looked up young George P. in Wikipedia.   Born in Houston, Texas in 1976, he attended Gulliver Prep School and earned an undergraduate degree from Rice University.  In 1998, he became a public school teacher in Florida and later went to law school in Texas.