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Anonymous Panama Papers Source Speaks Out, Demands More Government Action


Panama Papers source breaks silence over 'scale of injustices' … Whistleblower says leak of 11.5m Mossack Fonseca files on offshore tax havens has triggered debate but not enough action. –UK Guardian

Who is this anonymous person who believes his vast Panama Papers leak hasn't triggered enough "action?"

Why does he want Western governments to try harder to prosecute those who have put assets in places other than their own countries?

He has it backward in our view. Unfortunately, you won't find a word in the mainstream media criticizing the decision to steal and disseminate people's private correspondence.

And what exactly does he believe the EU, US and Britain would do with all the extra money they'd presumably receive from individuals who repatriated assets?

What do Western countries do now?

The US spends billions bombing other countries, including women and children.

Women in parts of Iraq have been told not to have babies because the depleted uranium spread by US weapons was causing so many birth defects.

And Libya is still a chaotic, murderous mess because of US and British intervention.

The US invasion of Iraq was based on Weapons of Mass Destruction that didn't exist. And US politicians have taken to admitting that the Libya invasion was a mistake.

If Mr. Anonymous has his way, the US and other Western countries will have additional streams of revenue to help kill even more people for no reason.

Meanwhile, the EU's ridiculous euro has virtually ruined Southern Europe's economy. Stable work is now a rarity for an entire younger generation.

Britain can't efficiently utilize the funds it has either. Its national public health system is a disaster. Women give birth in taxis because the hospitals are full.

But British hospitals shouldn't be full because it is unofficial policy not to give old people anything to drink so they die quickly and open up beds.

It is not a secret. Both the UK Telegraph and Daily Mail among other publications reported on the practice in detail in 2012 articles. It included withholding food as well.

Many EU countries have significant prisons systems but nothing compared to the US. The US at any given time has six million people in various stages of incarceration.

Many prisons are privately run and the convicts are little more than slaves. Prison administrators have contracts in place with cities and states guaranteeing them a steady supply of "criminals."