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June 18, 2016 Veggie List ~ Sizzling Summer Sale Continues - Tonopah Rob's

• Tonopah Rob's

IMG_4400Isn't she cute?  Laying hens are for sale. Raise your own ready to lay flock of lady hens.

Temperatures are rising and pricing are dropping.  Last week the super sale was so successful, Tonopah Rob will be hosting another sizzling summer sale.  Bring your bags, boxes and fill up your containers with delicious sweet intense flavored tomatoes.  This is your chance to purchase in bulk all the tomatoes you can get.  Do as I do and wash them whole and freeze them.  It's so easy. When you are ready to make spaghetti sauce pour the bag of whole frozen tomatoes in the pot and cook them down.  I take bell peppers, onions, garlic cloves and tomatoes and make my own frozen bags. I have a salad shooter that slices the peppers really fast, quarter your onions or half if smaller and freeze together and poof!!! Your spaghetti sauce will cook itself down and it is so delicious.  Add your Italian sausage, ground beef and your herbs.  I will also use a tablespoon of organic sugar to offset the acidity.  You can also make chili, soups and stews and pot roast too with the frozen mixture.

IMG_4408Look at the girls eating left over carrot tops and other grasses that were weeded from several plots on the farm. The zebra chickens lay brown eggs and the white Leghorn lay white eggs.  The girls have just turned 2 years old so there is a lot of good laying left in the old cluckers.  The zebras are heavier and make more stew for your buck. 

Tonopah Rob is having an egg sale at the farm stand.  Three dozen for 10.00 dollars or 6 dozen for 20.00 dollars (white eggs) and brown eggs 5 dozen for 20.00 dollars, while supplies last. Regular pricing on eggs are white eggs $6.00/dozen and brown eggs $6.50/dozen. Come on folks bring your empty egg cartons and get your farm fresh eggs while supplies last. There is no limit and no rain checks…while supplies last.

This upcoming Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. the farm stand is having a Saturday Super Sale. A large variety of produce will be $1.00/lb.  which includes, tomatoes, eggplant, cabbage, squash, topped beets and peppers. Fill your own bag of greens for 2.00 dollars a bag.  There will be other sale items as well. Come out to the farm stand and get veggie with it.

Remember all CSA members must use up their share balance by June 18, 2016, no exceptions.  All sale items are included in the CSA membership but CSA do not receive the sale price for those items, CSA members pay regular farm stand for all items.

Also, for sale are laying hens.  5.00 dollars per layer.  They can also be fattened up for soup and stew hens. They make delicious broth, soups and stews.  Please email Tonopah Rob for your order.  Below is the veggie list:


Cherry Tomatoes

Assorted Bell Peppers



Green and Red Cabbage

Topped Beets


Swiss Chard


Assorted Summer Squash

Red Salad Onions

Yellow Onions


Fresh Eggs


one old and rusted out bottom silver feed bucket

no surprises this week, it's too hot