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It's 200 B.C. in California as White Nationalist and Anti-Fascist have clashed in what looked like a LARP of gladiators fighting in Rome. THIS IS SPARTA!


No that's not a Hollywood remake of the movie 300, it's a civil war among fascist the Traditionalist Workers party who show cased Nazi imagery and Anti-Fascist protesters that broke out in California when White Nationalist held a rally.

The leader Matthew Heim­bach is also the same ass-hat who attacked a Black woman at a Trump Rally in Kentucky.

So where is the call to ban knives, clubs and other medieval blunt weaponry by congress?
After, 10 people were injured in the attack some stabbed and sent to the hospital.

While were at it lets ban spoons and forks too because they make people fat it's not the Genetically Modified crap with 0% nutritional value its the forks and spoons! And lets ban axes and chainsaws because they can also be used as weapons, even though they are tools. Build your own pick-axe maggots out of stone and sticks!

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