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A Sweet (Smelling) Bed Bug Control Option


The mere sight of a bed bug spells trouble. These small insects with a hunger for human blood have spread worldwide over the last decade and are now at epidemic levels in America. They have even trumped cockroaches as the number one pest in the country.

The trouble with bed bugs isn't limited to those bites. The insects can bring on a number of other conditions such as anemia and allergy attacks. Then there are the microbial pathogens, which may turn a rash into an infection. A beg bug invasion is truly a public health threat.

Unfortunately, infestations are difficult to prevent, and control options are limited as many are simply not effective. As soon as bed bugs get a hint of an insecticide, they tend to find other areas to thrive. Research has shown the use of popular products may not prevent the insects from reaching their human targets. Quite simply, insecticides may offer some support but may not be the perfect solution.

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