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The TSA Descends from Incompetence to Inhumanity


Hannah Cohen, 18 years old and severely disabled from a brain tumor, sued the TSA and local cops for beating her bloody. Hannah's "crime"? She had neither understood nor complied with their orders when trying to board a flight the year before.

The TSA is diminishing our liberty.In June 2015, Hannah and her mother, Shirley, were returning home from St Jude's Medical Center. Hannah's tumor and the radiation treating it have left her "partially deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed, and easily confused…" Not surprisingly, such "substantial limitation[s are] obvious on sight." No one could have mistaken Hannah for a healthy passenger as the Cohens approached the Transportation Security Administration's checkpoint in Memphis, TN.

Hannah wore a shirt with sequins on it. Those metallic bits triggered the TSA's scanner. "'You could see on the screen what it was pointing out,' Shirley said. …Agents told Hannah they needed to take her to a 'sterile area' where they could search her further. She was afraid, Shirley said, and offered to take off the sequined shirt as she was wearing another underneath, but a female agent laughed at her. … Shirley … [explained to] a supervisor standing nearby. 'She is a St Jude's patient, and she can get confused…'" In response, the TSA summoned "'armed guards.'"

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