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Losing Games

•, By Taki

It was a motor yacht and Bill, a sailing enthusiast, was restless. A discussion the night before had become heated after a friend of mine had brought up the subject of neocons using Bill's fame and gravitas to undermine true conservatism. Out of respect for Buckley, I suggested we go ask the Delphic oracle situated nearby. Everyone agreed with alacrity.

After a visit to a rather disappointingly insignificant cave, where the high priestess was supposed to inhale fumes and tell the future, I suggested we hop over to Olympia, the site of the first Olympic Games back in 776 BC (before Christ). The day was very hot but it was worth it. The stadium in Olympia is the size of a typical American high school football field. If memory serves—and I had been there many times before—the running track, which was 3,000 years old, was about fifty meters, or 150 yards, long.