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Teen Sees Homeless Man And Approaches Him… What Happens Next Will Make Your Day!


It's a rare occasion that one is granted the opportunity to literally gift the clothes off their back – or in this case, the shoes on their feet – to someone else in need. But when opportunities of such profound generosity present themselves, the individual who chooses to be philanthropic rarely walks away the same.

Perhaps it's because charity and gratitude have the ability to transform peoples' hearts that prophets and 'individuals of God' adamantly insist for folk of every background to be charitable. Or, perhaps it's just because giving to others just feels good and is beneficial for the planet that it's promoted.

Whatever compels one to be kind, it's something to be appreciated. Small acts of charity can ripple out and affect thousands without intending to do so, and the tale below is proof of this.

Recently, fourteen-year-old activist LaRon Tunstill volunteered over Labor Day weekend to take part in a barbecue set up by PurpMe (People Uplifting Real People). The organization helps to feed the homeless, and Tunstill was busy helping out when he noticed a gentleman walking along the side of the team's spread.

While talking with the man, he noticed that his shoes were tattered and in need of replacement. Jason Reynolds, the founder of PurpMe, witnessed the exchange and confirmed that the soles of the man's shoes "were completely gone. His toes literally touched the ground."

Without hesitating, LaRon took off his Nike Air Jordans and handed them to the man who was very reluctant to receive them.

"At first he was like 'no, I can't take these because these are too expensive.' I told him, 'take it' because it's what God wanted me to do," the teen told WAVE.

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