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I am a volunteer election monitor and activist against bad election systems....


I am a volunteer election monitor and activist against bad election systems and processes including electronic voting. I've been falsely arrested for it and active since mid-2003. Info on current election misconduct included. AMA – if it takes weeks I'll answer every question. (self.IAmA)

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Compare to photos of me at the last page of: plus at or this example: among many others...

This is long, yes, but with supporting documents...proof will be noted some of the links.

There's a small group of activists and computer geeks who have been following election problems since 2003. I'm one of them. We've had our successes but honestly, things are getting worse. The latest trend scares me: people in "closed primary" states (where you have to be a Dem to vote in the Dem primary for example) are finding themselves switched from Dem to something else without their permission and often with very crude at best signature forgeries on the false voter registration documents. This is new – it tells us that election manipulation has been going on too long, not enough people care and now we're seeing "in your face" examples. I'm going to go into the history of the issue and what we need to do to change things.

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