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Mainstream Media Attempts To Defend Hillary And Attack Wikileaks, Fails Epically

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This week's award for most ridiculous mainstream media article goes to the Washington Post.

The death of mainstream media is upon us. A recent Gallup poll showed that over 77% of Americans distrust mainstream television news channels as well as newspapers. Though these startling numbers should be cause for worry, it has failed to dissuade most media outlets from accelerating their spectacular decline into nothing more than propagandist, government mouth-pieces disguised only by a quickly evaporating veneer of manufactured journalistic "prestige." Wikileaks, the independent media organization responsible for exposing the corruption and war crimes of governments all over the world, has been a recent target of the corporate media due to their nearly daily releases of leaked emails targeting the Democratic National Committee and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Many of the leaked documents, not surprisingly, have exposed a level of unprecedented collusion between mainstream media outlets and the Clinton campaign, including "well-regarded" publications like the New York Times, Politico, Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Post. In some cases, "well-respected" journalists published articles under their names which were actually written by Clinton campaign staffers. Nonetheless, many of these same outlets have taken it upon themselves to shield, not themselves, but Hillary Clinton from the negative fallout. Consider how much mainstream media coverage there has been of Trump's leaked tape versus Clinton's Wikileaks revelations.

One of the most widely reported leaked emails exposed transcripts of Clinton's paid speeches to Wall Street banks and other organizations, which were closed to both the press and the public. These transcripts, whose authenticity was confirmed by Clinton in the second presidential debate, show that Clinton has consistently lied to the public about her political views as she has distinct "private" and "public" positions on practically every issue. For example, Clinton has told the public that she is against the TPP, fracking, Wall Street de-regulation, and the Keystone XL pipeline. However, her paid speech excerpts, available for download here, show that she actually supports these issue in "private." Reactions from this obvious admission of manipulating the public have ranged from outright anger to unfazed.

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