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Big Pharma companies have been systematically suppressing your right to purchase cheaper alternative

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(NaturalNews) Obamacare was touted as the most significant health care "reform" law in the history of the country, but it was neither revolutionary nor useful. Especially when you consider all that its supporters said it would do for ordinary Americans.

What it did do was cause was higher health insurance premiums, the loss of physicians and existing healthcare plans, higher deductibles and no cost savings overall throughout the U.S. healthcare industry.

Another thing it did not accomplish: Breaking the power and influence of Big Pharma so that Americans would be free to buy cheaper medicinal alternatives from other nations.

Tech Dirt noted that the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that helps defend civil liberties in the digital world, is currently working on a series regarding "shadow regulations." One segment focuses on how U.S. pharmaceutical firms are working to keep more affordable medications out of reach for Americans.

Provisions are in place for Americans to buy drugs more cheaply – but Big Pharma is blocking them

The analysis and examination of just how Big Pharma is doing this goes well beyond what most already know: That patents and regulations have established a skewed U.S. marketplace that puts healthy profits ahead of healthy Americans.

But, as EFF and Tech Dirt point out, what is not common knowledge is that Big Pharma companies have "partnered" with Internet intermediaries to keep Americans locked out of buying options that have actually been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. To hear U.S. pharmaceutical firms tell it, buying drugs from other countries (where prices are almost always cheaper), is very dangerous, if not illegal.

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