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Why Green is the New Gold

• LewRockwell.Com - Clive Maund

Some of you may have noticed that I have "gone quiet" over the last few weeks regarding the Precious Metals sector, and I have actually been asked by one subscriber if I have given up on the sector.

My response was:

"We have not lost sight of the thunderous bull market that is currently incubating in gold and silver, that will spin off huge opportunities in Precious Metals stocks, which is an inevitable outcome of the deepening financial crisis resulting from a snowballing of the debt and derivative problems that were not solved following the crisis of 2008, but were only papered over by means of financial engineering and printing money. The reasonable presumption is that, rather than let the system implode, those responsible for this mess will resort to the only option left open to them – so-called "helicopter money", which is, needless to say, highly inflationary, and will be a principal driver for the expected huge ramp in gold and silver prices."

In the interim, whilst bullish factors coalesce for the Precious Metals, we have been keeping an eye on other sectors, and in particular the marijuana sector, which is making great strides forward in both the recreational and medical spheres, having been held back for decades by Big Pharma with its enormous lobbying power, keen to suppress natural competition for its expensive potions. So what we have now is a situation where a sector that had been confined to the shadows for decades is suddenly bursting onto center stage, providing an enormous opportunity for savvy investors. The marijuana sector experienced a preliminary thinly traded bubble back in 2014, which we ignored for a number of reasons, however, many of those reasons ceased to have relevance, and the sector has been providing amazing returns over the last few weeks.

Whatever your opinion on the legalities of Cannabis, it is in a huge growth phase at the moment, and there is an upcoming vote in the US on the 8th of November that will be a major pivot point for the stocks we are looking at.

To help people understand more about the sector, and how they can capitalize on it right now, we have prepared a Green Paper, which is available for download here. I suggest anyone who is interested in making large, short-term gains takes a look at it and considered following us over the next two weeks while we drain every potential drop of profit out of this one!

Back to the Precious Metals sector………

We have seen a quite severe correction in gold and silver since the early July peak, with a particularly sharp decline early this month coming as a shock to many, even including us – but it shouldn't have been – COTs looked awful all through the Summer and predicated such a drop. However, Commercial short and Large Spec long positions are at last starting to ease significantly as we can see on the latest COTs charts shown lower down the page, although there is still plenty of room for improvement.

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