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Hillary To Be Indicted-Paul Ryan Could Become President-Here's How


Paul Ryan has been in the hip pocket of the globalists all along. He supports a border-less America and is a fervent supporter of the Free Trade Agreements. He is a wannabe member of the criminal elite. He is, and has always been the Plan B for the Global Elite.

Paul Ryan filed paperwork to run for President in January of 2016

Paul Ryan released the Trump locker-room tapes in act of Benedict Arnold type of betrayal.

With 10 days left to the general election,  she will not be indicted before the election. Even if her popular support goes south, she will still win because of the tampering with the electoral college by the Soros and the Clinton Foundation. Soros has his voting machines in 16 states, some of them are key battleground states. Hillary will win even if she only gets 20% of the vote and that is where this is headed. Ever die-hard Democrats can no longer stay of the good ship Witchcraft.

Hillary will never board Air Force One, maybe Broomstick One, but not Air Force One. She will be elected but indicted before the inauguration.

Kaine, the Democratic VP candidate and Hillary will be knocked out of contention when Hillary is indicted.

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