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BOOM! Navy Petty Officer Joins DAPL Protest With Upside Down Flag...


U.S. Navy veteran, Petty Officer 1st Class Kash Jackson came to North Dakota with one imperative in mind — to uphold the Constitution by protecting the American citizens he swore to defend, who are currently embroiled in a struggle with overly-militarized police acting on behalf of a twisted corporate-government alliance insisting on constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Hoisting an inverted American flag as he led, in uniform, a group of Native American water protectors marching defiantly against government-backed industry profiteering, Jackson had a carefully-considered message about patriotic duty everyone must hear:

"Our greatest enemies are not overseas," he told a reporter for The Young Turks, "our greatest enemies are right here."

Indeed, images of police — better armed for combat in Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan than any of the thousands of servicemen and women in active combat — using brutal if nonlethal tactics against wholly unarmed Standing Rock Sioux water protectors and their supporters, have finally made the rounds on corporate media, much to the unsurprising consternation of the American public.

Jackson, however, couldn't believe his eyes, and — as a former servicemember — saw an indispensable need to defend water protectors from the tyranny of a government run amok with power, acting solely to bolster corporate greed.

"Per the U.S. flag code," the Navy veteran explains in the interview, "whenever you invert the American flag, it is permissible, underneath extreme risk to life and property — and based on what I've witnessed, over here in Standing Rock, I don't think there's any question whether or not there's a risk to life and property."

In short, the life and property of citizens are at risk based on the actions of State agents — various law enforcement and private, corporate-hired security mercenaries — and thus demand the protection of U.S. military personnel sworn to defend them.


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