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Netanyahu, Israeli Right, Palestinians All Hopeful About Trump

•, by Jason Ditz

Everyone around the world is reacting to the election of President-elect Donald Trump in the US, with everyone trying, for good or ill, to interpret comments made during the campaign as fitting their own expectations. Nowhere is this more apparent than Israel and Palestine, where all sides are upbeat about Trump's election, and for very different reasons.

Trump's aides in Israel were big on promises when campaigning there, promising everything under the sun to the Netanyahu government, and Trump's invitation to Netanyahu to visit after the election has the prime minister very hopeful that he's got an incoming US president who won't be as willing to criticize him as Obama has been.

The Israeli far-right takes it even farther, with settler groups celebrating the Trump victory as a big boost for settlement construction, and Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett going so far as to say he believes Trump's victory marks the end of the "two-state solution," and that the era of talking about Palestinian statehood is over.