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Truth and Vigilance Are Just As Important with Donald Trump In Office

• by Daisy Luther

If your priorities are freedom, liberty, and Constitutional rights, the President of the United States should be under your scrutiny at all times. You cannot relax your vigilance because a person from your preferred party is in office. Terrible laws have been passed under both Republican and Democratic presidents. Two excruciating blows to liberty are the Patriot Act, passed under Bush, and the NDAA (indefinite detention), passed under Obama. Reams of pages of new bills were signed into laws by presidents from both parties.

Many of these new regulations benefited huge corporations and wealthy banks instead of average folks like you and me.

People have short memories, and that is because we want to believe in the ideal America. Unfortunately, that ideal America has so many regulations that even the best person can't get through a day without inadvertently breaking one of them. And we're spied on, lied to, manipulated, and extorted, every single day of our lives.

Please, stop expecting President-Elect Trump to be the hero that corrects all of that.

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