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Monsanto Weed Killer Found in Cheerios & Other Popular Foods !


Carcinogenic' weedkiller found in American food at alarming levels.

A report by Food Democracy Now! and the Detox Project found alarming levels of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto's prominent pesticide Roundup, in many of America's most popular foods. The chemical has been classified by the World Health Organization as "probably carcinogenic." For more on this, Dave Murphy, founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!, joins 'News With Ed.

Carey Gillam Veteran journalist; Research Director for U.S. Right to Know, a non-profit consumer education group. 

Independent testing on an array of popular American food products found many samples contained residue levels of the weed killer called glyphosate, leading the nonprofit organization behind the testing to call for corporate and regulatory action to address consumer safety concerns.Image result for round up in cheerios

The herbicide residues were found in cookies, crackers, popular cold cereals and chips commonly consumed by children and adults, according to Food Democracy Now and the group's "Detox Project," which arranged for the testing at the San Francisco-based Anresco lab. Anresco uses liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), a method widely considered by the scientific community and regulators as the most reliable for analyzing glyphosate residues. The groups issued a report Monday that details the findings.

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