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What the Mexican Revolution Can Teach Us about Social Justice 100 Years Later

• by Rafael Ruiz Velasco

Mexican "official" history tends to simplify the conflict down to a battle between the good and the evil. The dictator Porfirio Díaz led the country into deep misery until a group of courageous citizens took up arms and started the revolution we now read about in history books.

But the truth is that during Porfirio Diaz's reign, though there were great levels of inequality and alarming poverty in certain sectors, it would be unfair to forget that there was also a climate of stability and economic progress.

The Revolution was, like every armed conflict in the history, a fight for power. A fierce battle between some generals and caudillos who sought to impose their rules and conditions on everyone else. In the end, it's a story of death and betrayal.

Every general that emerged as a public figure during that time was either killed, ambushed, betrayed, poisoned, or executed by those who were considered by some to be loyal friends and fellow combatants.

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