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(At the request of the mod gods for a fresh thread for a sticky)

The crazy plant lady is crowdsourcing money for recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Once they are announced that the recounts will happen, I expect every single deplorable in those affected states to volunteer to supervise the recounts.

And don't get started with, "A recount is not going to happen", "A recount is not going to change the outcome", "Michigan uses paper ballots and blah, blah, blah". Shut the fuck up about that, because that's not the fucking point of this post, now sit down and listen.

I've seen complacency from this community since the election. People got bored, continued on with their lives, moved on to other things (like helping r/Le_Pen, while a noble cause, but it only serves to spread us thin) this cannot continue. Le Pen and other nationalist leaders need a based America backing them up. We still have battles to fight here, we still have a war to fight at home. While r/pizzagate was relatively active, r/SorosForPrison hasn't seen much of true activity regarding the collection of evidence and public awareness of Soros and his crimes. The STUMP cheat sheet hasn't been updated for the post-election, and I can't remember seeing a sticky about an important revelation or find in a while that didn't directly involve us do you? Because I sure don't.

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