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Welcome to New Boss, Same as Old Boss…

• by MamaLiberty

I've lived through a great many national elections, starting with Eisenhower, and pretty much all the same things have gone on each time, by someone. That this year's political circus has been more vicious, filled with more stupidity, lies and hubris, I won't deny. But it is a difference in intensity, not of kind.

The real problem is that all electoral politics are the enemy to individual liberty. All politicians, and all the people determined to keep the ball rolling for them, want to control the lives and property of other people. All of those who support them, cheer them on, and vote for them, somehow believe that they have legitimate authority to do so. They insist that the "boss" they want is the best for everyone… and some are willing to commit violence, vandalism and even murder to promote that.

And that's the bottom line. Instead of self ownership, self responsibility and actual liberty, these folks (good, bad and indifferent) merely want a different "boss" to control the lives of others.

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