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Libertarians Have Gone Missing on Campuses

• By Craig Cantoni

Libertarianism is akin to a lost civilization on campuses, worthy of study by students of archeology and anthropology.  Perhaps if one were to dig deep enough in an ideological dig, some shards of libertarian thinking could be found on campuses and placed in a museum of quaint ideas.

Students of yesteryear used to have a political epiphany from reading Atlas Shrugged.  Now the book is hard to find in college bookstores.  And there is almost a zero chance of finding Ayn Rand's other books, including The Fountainhead, or We the Living, or Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal.  The same with trying to find The God of the Machine, by Isabel Paterson; or The Libertarian Reader, by David Boaz; or The Law, by Frederic Bastiat.

On the other hand, there is an abundance on campuses of leftist books, pamphlets, posters, symposia, courses, speech codes, trigger warnings, and safe zones.  And during the recent presidential race, it was easy to find supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton but not supporters of Gary Johnson.

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