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Couple Forced to Destroy 40yo Pond on Their Own Property Because Govt Owns the Rainwater


Butte Falls, OR — An Oregon couple has been told they must destroy a 2-acre pond on their land — the property's most attractive feature — because the government said so.

Although Jon and Sabrina Carey purchased the 10-acre property near Butte Falls two and a half years ago, the pond has been in place for 40 years — but that fact doesn't matter to the Jackson County Watermaster's Office.

"I basically bought a lemon," said Jon, who became teary-eyed at the edge of the partially ice-covered body of water being targeted by government, in an interview with the Mail Tribune. "That's how they explained it to me."

But the couple desperately wants to keep the stunning longstanding feature in tact, so, as the Mail Tribune reports, the Careys have "pleaded with the Medford Water Commission to adopt the pond and treat it as a municipal water source, something Jackson County Watermaster Larry Menteer has opposed because of the precedent it would set.

"The Water Commission has rights to the watershed around the Careys' property, where dozens, if not hundreds, of ponds are located, as well as Medford's primary source of water, Big Butte Springs."

And the Careys aren't the only people in the watershed who've had difficulties with, well, 'the government's' water.

Eagle Point resident Gary Harrington spent 90 days in jail for illegally harboring some 13 million gallons of illicit rainwater — that's enough rain to fill around 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

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Comment by Bob Marks
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Filing lawsuits is an effort in futility as well financially draining. The solution is to hang the bastards!!! Never give into these SOBS. Period!!!!!!!!

Comment by Ja Back
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Make the 'government' minion provide evidence the code applies to you and your pond. No opinions, just FACTS.

Comment by Ed Price
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Time to sue Government for allowing all their stupid rain fall on your property. Now that you know who did it, sue them for years of erosion damage in the past. Sue the officials personally for using their Government position in ways not appropriate or legal for Government officials.

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