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The Hacking Hoax

• by L. Neil Smith

We have been told, mostly by a gaggle of Marxoid Democratic circus clowns, shocked, hysterical, and desperate to generate some excuse for their massive humiliation in the recent election, that their candidate, the "smartest woman in the world", lost only because, somehow, the evil Russians cybernetically manipulated the electoral system, delivering the victory to the unthinkable, the unspeakable, the deplorable Donald J. Trump. Yeah, right. It's important for everyone who knows that this is nonsense to speak up, before it congeals into another myth—like Albert Gore winning the popular vote in 2000 (until corruption in California and elsewhere is factored in). Russia did not "hack" the recent election, altering the outcome.

That, of course, is physically impossible. No less an authority on Presidential politics and computer security than John McAfee assures us. If only the brain-dead Libertarian Party had possessed the moxie to nominate him instead of that other gink.

What is more than possible is that somebody gained information from inside the Democratic National Committee or the Hillary Clinton campaign, and released it, providing the American public with information that persuaded them to change their vote. Whoever did that (always assuming that it was actually done) did nothing that the average news reporter doesn't theoretically want to do, and he deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom, not prosecution for having done it.

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