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Look who grasps the vaccine-autism connection… Congressman Tom Price,...


(NaturalNews) The US healthcare "safety net," according to the liberal, lying mass media, is under attack and about to be dismantled. Obamacare, on most fronts, is a complete failure and has spiked people's premiums to unaffordable heights, only to worsen in 2017. President-elect Trump vows to repeal and replace the "Affordable Care Act" for several reasons, some that go beyond what is allowed to be discussed on television or even in the newspapers. One of the main problems with Obamacare is that it forces Americans to buy coverage, and even medical services that don't work and that millions do not even believe in–namely vaccinations. California is one state that already force-medicates all children with dozens of injections of mercury and formaldehyde, or else threatens to keep them out of school, public and private.

Tens of millions of Americans feared this would be the "norm" – a virtual medical police state across the country – had "Hitlery" Clinton won the White House; however, that not being the case, in about six weeks the "Trump Effect" begins, and his choice for the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services has some doubts about vaccine safety himself, and righteously so.

Meet America's new Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) – Orthopedic Surgeon Tom Price

Tom Price is an orthopedic surgeon and Congressman from Georgia who belongs to a medical organization called the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). AAPS rejects certain "scientific consensus" about sweeping generalizations that are made in the medical community about such topics as vaccines. There seems to be, in America,  a fake "consensus" that all vaccines, including flu shots, are 100% safe and 100% effective, and that no doctors, scientists, or even injured patients should ever question this absurd rhetoric. Whatever happened to relying on scientific evidence, right?

Members of AAPS are known to speak out in opposition to the academicians and officials who deny any chance of a link between vaccines and autism, and vaccines and neurological disorders, for starters. It's not an "all or nothing" argument either, as many vaccine fanatics would have us all believe, it's more of a matter of personalized medicine, just the same that is practiced in virtually all other areas of medicine today. Why should vaccines be any different?

Dr. Tom Price and AAPS are opposed to "one size fits all" medicine

Consider this: the US government doesn't round up all the children and force them to take psych meds or chemotherapy, or force all teens to get their wisdom teeth removed, or all women to have double mastectomy to preempt breast cancer, so why round up children for forced vaccination?

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