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Midnight Relief Act: Undoing 60 Days of Ridiculous Obama Regulations...

•, by mishgea

Congratulations to Congress for the most productive legislation in years, if not decades: House Passes Bill to Overturn 'Midnight' Regulations En Masse.

Legislation to allow Congress to repeal in a single vote any rule finalized in the last 60 legislative days of the Obama administration sailed through the House Wednesday, the second time in less than two months.

The GOP-backed Midnight Rule Relief Act, which passed the previous Congress in November, was approved largely along party lines by a vote of 238-184 on the second day of the new Congress, despite Democratic opposition.

If passed by the Senate and signed by President-elect Donald Trump, the legislation would amend the Congressional Review Act to allow lawmakers to bundle together multiple rules and overturn them en masse with a joint resolution of disapproval.

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