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The Geopolitics of South Central Asia and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

• By Brig. Imran Malik

The US has aligned India to itself in pursuit of its "pivot" to the Asia Pacific and its compulsive drive to manage the rise of China. Its ingress into India is direct, emphatic and in line with its stated policy objectives in the region. This portends deep economic, political and strategic connotations for the  region. India has readily mustered to the US call and has ventured into the South China Sea imbroglio too, ostensibly to prove its credentials as a "strategic partner" of the US. The US "pivot" to the Asia Pacific and India's role in it is however now subject to President-elect Trump's review of it. The possible    fate of the Trans Pacific Partnership may be an indicator of things to come!

China and Pakistan's multidimensional interests continue to converge and the CPEC now epitomizes the   continuously growing strength of their alliance. The Russians have started engaging Pakistan at the economic, political and strategic levels. Its historical interest in the perennial warm waters of the Arabian Sea is getting revived by the success of the CPEC. The CARs, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and even the EU amongst others have shown interest in getting involved with the CPEC.