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Taking the Long View

• by Justin Raimondo

The other day on Twitter someone tweeted me the news of the latest drone strike in Yemen, with the taunting message: "Congrats, @JustinRaimondo." I had to laugh, and bemoan my fate: "I am now to be held responsible for everything the Trump administration does, especially their failure to go full pacifist!" Of course, you don't have to be a pacifist to oppose our drone campaign, in Yemen or elsewhere, as I do, but the comment and my response underscore a basic flaw in the thinking of Trump's anti-interventionist critics.

I have been writing this column for over twenty years, commenting on current events as they impact the US on the international stage. I've watched as this country fought a series of unnecessary and debilitating wars, exhausting its resources and sacrificing the lives of its young people in bloody crusades from Belgrade to Baghdad.

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