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Meet the Inevitable Effect of a $15 Minimum Wage -- The "Big Mac ATM"


Everyone who's seen the ominously accurate comedy, Idiocracy, remembers the Carl's Jr. atm that would, rather terribly, dispense fast food. Well, now they are a reality.

McDonald's announced this week that they are giving away free Big Macs for people to review their new Big Mac ATM Machines. 

As Forbes reports:

The automated burger dispensary is popping up in one location, for one day only, on Jan. 31, according to the Boston Metro.


At the touch of a screen, customers can choose between three sizes of Big Mac, which will come out of the ATM with no human help. Participants will need to tweet out their experience to receive the free meal.

While the mainstream media is reporting on the fact that McDonald's is merely giving away free Big Macs, they are missing the entire point of why that machine exists — the minimum wage.

As the political class continues to deceive their voting base with skewed economic policy by continuing to promote and legislate a $15 minimum wage, businesses are reacting — and the Big Mac ATM is the latest proof of that reaction.

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