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The Brazilian House of Cards Is Collapsing

•, Raphaël Lima

Most libertarians resign themselves to knowing that someday this grand party will happen, even though one might not see a direct path to it and surely are not in a rush to buy a suit and new shoes for it: that is unless you are a Brazilian libertarian, for we are about to throw one hell of a mad party.

In a previous article I attempted to explain to Americans the feeling that on any random morning, one may wake up and find that another big politician was arrested in a corruption scandal. I posited that the next shoe to drop would be what just might be the biggest corruption plea bargain in history: Odebrecht.

And what misdeeds have they ventured into? 

Odebrecht was the biggest construction company in Brazil and had very intimate ties with the former president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva and his successor, Dilma Rousseff. So close were those ties that the "Structured Operations Department," a branch inside Odebrecht that was entrusted solely with doling out bribes and kickbacks is rumored to have had an excel file just for Lula. His codename in it? "Friend."

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