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Roger Stone Writes Brilliant Analysis of How Trump Won and Why Hillary Lost


This is an important book written by Roger Stone — a seasoned (famous/infamous) political operative and a long-time trusted Trump adviser. If you want to understand how Trump thinks, how he calculates politically, you MUST read ROGER STONE's book. MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT 2016 is also very entertaining — Roger Stone relates his time with Trump over decades, recalling conversations and previous Trump presidential campaigns — even how one day he saved Donald Trump's life.

Stone gives you an INSIDER'S VIEW of Trump's campaign — from Trump's announcement of his candidacy until election night 2016, when Trump finally achieved the presidency he has sought since the 1990s. The book also presents a brilliant analysis of Hillary Clinton and her campaign, and the "Silent Majority" ignored by Hollywood and the mainstream media elites in LA and NYC that elected Trump. If you want to understand why and how HILLARY LOST, the strategy Stone implemented DAY ONE to get Trump into the White House.

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The truth is Roger Stone never quit supporting Trump — even when he officially left the campaign. Handing the position of campaign manager to others, Stone strategically positioned himself as "an outsider," much as Trump positioned himself as an "outsider." Stone calculated the move to give him more leverage over the media — while remaining in constant touch with Trump and key officers in Trump's campaign — including Paul Manafort — Stone's long-time political consulting partner.

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