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Civil War Is Coming to the U.S.:

• by Brandon Smith

Editor's Comment: The situation is becoming desperate. Perhaps Trump was meant merely to distract Americans, or perhaps he is doing exactly what is expected of him – by those who placed him in power. Either way, the country is bitterly divided along partisan lines. Many of the most important principles have been abandoned for a cultural war that isn't likely to stop, or die down, but rather to explode in the volley back and forth between left wing and progressive opponents, and alt right and conservative factions.

But as Brandon Smith predicts, this narrative will go on not by itself, but in all probability, with the aid a truly stunning attack – perhaps even on American soil. Another large-scale terrorist attack may be need to shock unruly voters and concerned citizens back into their hovels, back onto the reservation. How else would a war with Iran, and more police state actions in the streets be justified? The implications are clear – confusion, violence and especially terror will be used to drive home the message. This is above Donald Trump's head, beyond the power of the presidency. This is the cynical and very real powers behind the throne, and there is nothing they wouldn't stoop to.