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Launching this Valentine's Day -for our love of democracy!


And sorry about multiple emails -this fixes the broken link below from the earlier email.

Remember we are a privacy-protected invite-only social platform and so on Tuesday we will be sending you a special, unique invitation that will allow you to register and become a subscriber. The "privacy-protected" is very important. This means that marketers as well as shadowy groups like ALEC cannot have access to your profile information or how you use

Once you register and become a subscriber you will be able to invite five of your friends, your closest co-conspirators and others you believe would like to join you in our effort to empower people and fix our political and economic system. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously stated "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." At this point in history -I believe the arc needs our help.

The service will be free for those in the academic community (and have an email address ending in .edu) otherwise the subscription will cost $3.99 a month -you set this up once at registration and then it's done. A small monthly fee will help us hire a small core team (so we can keep our lights on), pay for the software engineering costs necessary to build the other critical elements of the platform and cover our cloud/hosting expenses. We think a small monthly subscription may also minimize the number of people that act as "trolls".

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