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The Oroville Spillway Disaster: Why You Should NEVER Wait for the Official Evacuation Order


After five years of drought, a new disaster faces Northern California: the imminent collapse of the Oroville Spillway.

Nearly 200,000 people were evacuated last night from areas below the Oroville Dam due to the fear that the main spillway is pending imminent collapse and the emergency spillway is literally, just a cleared hill which showed massive erosion when they tested it with a small amount of water.

(Update: To all of the kind people who asked, my family and I are nowhere near this disaster. We are several hours away and quite far uphill from it. Thank you for your concern.)

The state has basically gotten all the rain it missed over the past years at once, as three storms called "atmospheric rivers" have unleashed torrential rains that have lasted for days. Another huge rain storm is expected later this week and crews are working frantically around the clock to fix the spillway before more rain falls. This photo shows the damage to the spillway.