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The President Needs to Purge And Start Fresh:

• by Jeremiah Johnson

As of this writing, the President is beset by forces in Washington and in the White House who are determined to derail his "cleansing" efforts and continue with their own actions.  Those forces are spearheaded by the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) "5th Columnists" either working directly for and with the Democratic Party or independently of them but for the interests of the Globalist Network.  On December 17, 2016 I wrote a piece for entitled Trump Can't Stop It: The people who have been orchestrating the collapse have not halted their agendas.  Here is an excerpt:

"He [President Trump] is going to emplace several people in his cabinet who are known to be either in the pockets of the corporations (such as Mnuchin), or have stances that diametrically oppose his own campaign pledges (such as his selection for White House Chief of Staff who supports amnesty for illegal aliens)."

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