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Tesla Powerwall 2 Now Shipping With 2170 Gigafactory Batteries Inside

• by Mark Kane

Both the Powerpack 2 and Powerwall 2 uses the companies new 2170 lithium-ion battery cells made at Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada..

Production of 2170 started in December, with the initial plan to begin deliveries of the Powerwall 2 in January.

It seems however, Tesla was a little pre-occupied delivering large-scale energy storage solutions, like the 80 MWh (396 units of Powerpacks 2) for Southern California Edison, so Powerwall 2 sales were postponed a little bit.

According to Electrek's sources, the number of pre-orders for Powerwall 2 is similar in size to the previous 38,000 pre-orders for Powerwall 1 (despite now the need for customers to place $500 deposits).