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CDC study accidentally finds that Thimerosal (mercury) remains in the body far longer ...

• by David Gutierrez

The findings were published in Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.

"This scientific paper is … one of [the] most important pieces of research to come out of the CDC in a decade," pediatrician Paul Thomas said. "It confirms what so many already suspected: that public health officials have been making a terrible mistake in recommending that we expose babies and pregnant women to this neurotoxin. I regret to say that I gave these shots to children. The CDC led us all to believe that it was perfectly safe."

CDC claims proven false

Thimerosal is a vaccine preservative, 49.6 percent mercury by weight, that was first introduced in the 1940s. Yet as much as 30 years ago, many countries started removing the ingredient from vaccines due to mercury's undisputed status as a neurotoxin.