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Officials: Trump Will Ask for $54 Billion Increase in Military Spending

•, by Jason Ditz

Administration officials say that President Trump is intending to order a new budget which will see a "sharp increase" in military spending, coupled with significant cuts to the EPA and State Department, along with substantial cuts to other domestic spending.

Details on what exactly this budget is going to look like are, of course, still a matter of a lot of speculation, but officials say that Trump's intention is to find about $54 billion in increased spending for the military without touching either Social Security or Medicare spending, in keeping with campaign promises.

Since the election, President Trump has been talking up some very expensive military plans, including increases in the number of troops, ships, and warplanes the US has available, and has talked up more nuclear weapons recently, arguing the US needs to be unrivaled.

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Comment by Ed Price
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A good move if they start shooting down the chemtrail planes.

Comment by Howard Pearlman
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Bad, bad, bad move. Tell the Pentagon to recover the 3 trillion dollars Rumsfield talked about on Sept 10, 2001. We don't need a military that spends 10 times the amount of money the Russians spend on theirs. Matter of fact all we need is a military that can defend the coasts and borders. Waste of money, get off the war footing.

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