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100 things every guy should own....


1. Land - I don't care if it's a quarter acre lot in some remote place. Get some. Nothing says 'Merica like owning a chunk of earth.

2. A truck - Haul stuff. It's what guys do. Diesels are the best but get what you can afford. Jalopys are ok too. Nothing like learning the fundamentals of mechanics. Don't forget the saying "a good friend will help you move, a really good friend will tell you NO."

3. Grill - Unless you build your own, just get a classic charcoal Weber. Nothing is better than this, trust me. Don't be the dope that spends $700 on the egg. You could be spending that money on meat. Or, if you're a vegetarian you could spend that money on sweet corn (grills nice) and tampons. Either way, just get the Weber.

4. Flashlight - What!!!!! I just saw a flashlight for $488! Are you kidding me? Look guys, think about how often you're gonna use this thing....if you're a night owl, I could see stepping it up some, but for my money I would just get the three battery Maglite. It's tough and could also double as a hammer.

5. Rifle - My standard rifle is a Marlin 30-30. Does the job and it doubles as a sledge hammer and still shoots. Tough gun.

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