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No, let's not 'let it go.' How much research did the Mainstream Media do before assuring


With more data now in hand, we return to the self-confident assertion of Michael Grunwald of the leftist/globalist Web site Politico, who wrote on Jan. 27 (at ):

"At a White House reception on that very busy Monday" (Jan. 23), "Trump told befuddled congressional leaders that he lost the popular vote in November only because 3 million to 5 million undocumented immigrants cast fraudulent ballots. This was rank baloney. Although Spicer . . . incorrectly claimed a Pew study found massive voter fraud in the past, in fact, the study had nothing to do with voter fraud, which other studies have found virtually nonexistent in the U.S."

A few days before, in an otherwise unrelated Jan. 24 news story about President Donald Trump signing executive orders to put back on track some major oil pipelines (purposely stalled by the anti-American Barack Obama in his ongoing effort to cripple America's energy industry), The Associated Press similarly couldn't help themselves, adding:

"Yet even as Trump moves to implement his agenda, he is still making false claims."

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