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Why Trump's new BLM Director must fire Daniel P. Love


Cliven Bundy's civil disagreement with the BLM erupted into a government assault which violated the property and personal rights of numerous individuals. Citizens were confronted by BLM agents, tazed, brutalized, arrested and threatened with deadly weapons.

Commentary by Free Range Report

Daniel P. Love is hated in the West, and for good reason. Not only is his record of reprehensible behavior towards law-abiding Americans shocking to the conscience, but he embodies everything that is wrong with the Bureau of Land Management; arrogance, hostility, and contempt for property and human rights. His name is connected to several federal operations in which the lives of innocent citizens were lost or changed forever, and not only has he escaped the consequences of his thuggish, militaristic tactics, Daniel P. Love was promoted to become director of the BLM's most militarized division, the Division of Security, Protection and Intelligence.

In recent decades, especially since the Clinton Era, the BLM has become less about land management than it is about controlling human activities, and punishing those citizens who threaten the agency's power and agenda. With that in mind, Dan Love is perfect for his new job, but Americans who fear deadly government bullies are chilled by both the actual and symbolic messages his promotion transmits to all in the West under the thumb of the BLM.

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