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Josh Tolley on The Hagmann Report

•, The Official Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Before we touch on Josh's smash book (a book that I cannot recommend highly enough) we need to take a quick look at what is going on over at The Josh Tolley Show.

Since the program's inception, Josh's millions of viewers and listeners, worldwide, have come the expect Josh and his team to bring an objective and prescient presentation of news and events that are, frankly, controversial. Controversial because they start and stop with a criteria that has fallen into unpopular, PC driven dislike over the past couple of decades. The truth.

Recently, The Josh Tolley Show tackled the fake news narrative regarding the "refugee" crisis. A globalist contrived crisis sparked first in Iraq, then in Syria and spun up in the fake stream media to play Americans' emotions, in order to obfuscate the truth. Simply stated, the Obama State Department and Department of Homeland Security have been caught redhanded not only admitting undocumented persons from known state sponsors of terror into the United States; they have been issuing Social Security Numbers and Passports to these persons without any vetting whatsoever.

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