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The Passing of David Rockefeller

• By Gary North

He always thought he was doing the right thing. Maybe once in a while, he did something really good. I just can't think of anything.

Rockefeller was a big promoter of modern art. So was his brother Nelson. The brothers promoted an artistic rebellion against the common man's taste. The more that a typical citizen would regard a piece of art as ugly or silly or meaningless, the more money a Rockefeller would pay for it. Americans love Norman Rockwell's paintings. The Rockefellers did not. I can think of no one who better qualified as the emperor with no clothes in the field of painting and art. Doubt me? Click here. His mother was a co-founder of the Museum of Modern Art. When it comes to modern art, I am in agreement with E. Michael Jones' thesis and book title for his book on Picasso: Degenerate Moderns.

He created the Trilateral Commission, which promotes globalism without meaningful national borders. Fortunately, the whole globalist vision is coming undone. He lived to see Brexit.

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