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Time to Impeach Trump? "Almost Immediately Initiated Strike Against Syria"

•, Aaron Dykes

Articles of impeachment were indeed drawn up and introduced by former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, albeit late in the game. These articles didn't amount to anything tangible, but made a stand symbolically.

This time, America should not wait around for four or eight years of destruction before simply saying, "NO." President Trump didn't ask Congress for permission; he didn't poll the American people for their degree of support or opposition; and he clearly didn't consider the delicate balance of power with regard to Russia, et al. For all we know, Russian soldiers or positions could have been hit, and all hell might have been unleashed while we all slept tucked in our beds.

President Trump didn't even make it to 100 days before blatantly betraying the American people…

It's not that we're surprised; but the actions dragging the American people back into war, or into a larger world war are completely outrageous.

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