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Anatomy of a National Psychotic Break

• by L Neil Smith

Democrats, liberals, socialists, communists, left-wing collectivists of all kinds make up fantasies in their fevered brains about social, political and economic phenomena, about philosophical principals, scientific facts, and personalities related to those things, and they go stark, raving crazy when those fantasies don't come true—and they can't shut it out as they did the collapse of the Global Warming model. It must be kind of like coming out of a cool, dim Disney matinee and into the harsh afternoon light of unrepentant and unforgiving reality.

When I was a teenager, I noticed that creatures of the left seldom had very good arguments against whatever I was reading—and repeating—so they tended to "argue" with proper nouns, as if that were all that needed saying. "Hmmf! Ayn Rand!" was the most popular, although we also heard a lot of "Hmmf! Barry Goldwater!"

We had fewer heroes then.

Later on, the same parasites and second-handers began to evolve a new technique. It usually begins with the invention of a factoid (a euphemism for "lie").