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Watch the Incredible Moment a Colour-Blind Grandpa Sees Colour for the First Time


What would it be like to go about your life without ever seeing colours such as green or purple, and then one day seeing the world in all its colourful glory?

Most people with colour blindness can only hope for such a moment to come, but for Noll Stafford from Florida it actually happened at his 66th birthday party.

Stafford's kids all pitched in to get him a pair of fancy sunglasses that correct colour blindness, and the family captured a video of him trying the sunnies on for the first time.

It's hard to tell whether Stafford was startled by the vibrancy the glasses add to your vision (more on that later), or if he was overcome with emotion, but either way it was a pretty special moment for the whole family.

According to ABC News, Noll Stafford is actually a landscaper; seeing colourful flowers and plants for the first time must have been incredible for him.

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