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Why Liberty and the Nanny State Are Incompatible

•, Bernardo Blanco

State paternalism operates under the guise of protecting people from themselves using government power; but it always ends in the destruction of liberty, responsibility, and solidarity.

Aside from the moral assault of having this "nanny state" controlling even small aspects of our lives, these policies rarely yield the desired outcome they were created to achieve.

Defenders of the Nanny State

Humans are unique creatures, our decisions and actions are arrived upon based on the knowledge we have accumulated from past experiences. Every book we read and each new person we encounter impacts our decision-making process to some extent.

However, each time we make use of this prior knowledge in a specific situation, a process has occurred in our brains that has ultimately decided how we should respond or act. Daniel Kahneman describes two different ways the brain forms thoughts: "system 1" is fast, automatic, frequent, emotional, stereotypic and subconscious; and "system 2" is slow, effortful, infrequent, logical, calculating and conscious.

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