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The Most Expensive Traffic Ticket Ever?


Imagine a ticket for "failure to display a front license plate" – not even a moving violation – costing you almost six figures. Nathan Cox of Mechanicsville, VA doesn't have to, because he lived it.

Well, he paid it.


And it could have been worse.

Initially, he was looking at $1.3 million. Technically, it wasn't the fine for not having a front plate – which in Virginia is a $75 hit to the wallet (plus court costs, of course). But the vengeful Virginia State (Storm) Trooper who pulled him over for the absent plate was determined to make Cox pay.

Cox, you see, was one of those pesky people who make a fuss over trumped-up laws and codes that empower Storm Troopers to hurt people who've hurt no one – but who've affronted the Authority of the government, which is the most unforgivable of offenses (ask VW).

Cox runs Virginia Cop Block – a website that publishes the opposite of the usual North Korean Dear Leader-style hysterics in support of the "heroes" who enforce the state's laws. "Heroes" such as Melanie McKenney, who pulled Cox over for – Oh, the Humanity! – not having a second government-mandated ear tag (the front license plate) pinned to his car.

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