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For The First Time, You Can Track Every Dollar The Government Spends

•, by Tyler Durden

Despite paying trillions in Federal taxes every year, Americans' requests for a clear, detailed breakdown of where their money goes every year, have gone unanswered and been ignored by both Republican and Democrat administrations for one simple reason: transparency has an unpleasant way of mutating into accountability, which is the scariest thing imaginable for any career politician. 

Not any more.

On Tuesday, the US Treasury launched a new website designed to track virtually every dollar - out of roughly $4 trillion - in federal spending. The new website,, was created to put data into the hands of taxpayers by empowering them to track how their tax dollars are spent. The site is designed to follow federal agency spending and, for the first time, links spending data to awards distributed by the government.

In the statement, the Treasury said that "the new site provides taxpayers with the ability to track nearly USD in government spending from Washington, DC directly into their communities and cities," says Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. "Furthermore, greater access to data will drive better decision making and strengthen accountability and transparency – qualities central to the Administration's focus on a more innovative and effective government."

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