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Towards Ultrasonic whispering over distances of 30 meters

•, brian wang

 It currently requires a large speaker mounted on your forehead and the electrodes stuck around your mouth.

There is further investigation in increasing its reach with more powerful directional speakers and make it work underwater with water-coupled ultrasonic transducers.

The accuracy in discriminating words still has to be improved if these systems had to be used in real scenarios, they hope that further progress in wearable transparent electrodes such as Second Skin will improve the signals and make the system less cumbersome. The advances in smart textiles and wearable computing will also improve this aspect.

The directivity of the speakers could be improved but not by increasing their size since they have to be wearable, one possible solution would be manufacturing custom transducers that operate in air at higher frequencies.

CHI conference – Project Telepathy: Targeted Verbal Communication using 3D Beamforming Speakers and Facial Electromyography

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