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A New And Unusual Force in The Universe Just Got Even Stranger


New research has expanded on the discovery of a strange phenomenon called blackbody force, showing that the effect of radiation on particles surrounding massive objects can be magnified by the space that warps around them.

The find could affect how we model the formation of stars and planets, and even help us finally detect a theoretical form of radiation that allows black holes to evaporate.

In 2013, physicists announced radiation emitted from objects called 'blackbodies' could not only nudge small particles away, but tug them closer. What's more, for hot-enough objects with only a small amount of mass, the pushing force could be stronger than their gravitational pull.

If you've never come across the term, a blackbody is any opaque object that absorbs visible light, but doesn't reflect or transmit it.

Technically, blackbodies describe theoretically perfect objects that cannot reflect any light at all. Physical examples such as the carbon nanotube materials used to make the crazy-looking Vantablack coatings come pretty close.

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